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During the First World War, a lone French soldier must navigate twisted trenches and survive.

Project informations

Catchweight Studio

Services provided:
  • Kickstarter Campaign Consulting
  • Press campaign
  • Influencer campaign

Decisive Crowdfunding Campaign of Conscript

Conscript is a pixel-art survival horror game set in the trenches of Verdun’s trenches during first Word War inspired by Resident Evil and developed by Jordan Mochi, talented solo developer and founder of Catchweight Studio.

Background: Jordan had been developing Conscript for 3 years in his spare time, while completing his history studies. He was at a crossroads and needed marketing (and financial) support to continue his indie game project. Even with little preparation time ahead of us, we were happy to be his marketing partners to help him meet his goals and dreams.

Objectives: The campaign goal was to reach 30K AU$ (20.6K US$ | 18.4K €) in 30 days in a “All of Nothing” format.

Kickstarter Campaign Consulting

First, we delivered a detailed strategic roadmap for managing the crowdfunding campaign and made the decision to synchronize the Kickstarter campaign with Conscript’s participation in the Steam Summer Festival.

Among the many actions taken, we published an attractive and understandable Kickstarter project page, as well as the lists of Tiers and Rewards. We created a new trailer, partnered with other Kickstarter projects and increased our presence on many social networks.

Kickstarter Funded Badge

Our daily analysis led us to create an improved version of the demo (including the easter eggs), to propose additional offers and to make some changes on the project page. The animation of the newly formed community was an important lever to attract new backers and a useful help for our Influence Marketing campaign.

Influencer Campaign

We focused our influencer marketing efforts on a short list of youtubers specializing in survival horror games and it was challenging to convince them in a very short time frame, one by one, to try a first demo of an unknown game.

In the end, the results were extraordinary. Among other things, we got a record-breaking video from AlphaBetaGamer, and another from ROE, which only makes videos about Resident Evil! We can add as other notable videos, those of CJU, Grim Beard, RiskRim and Neco the Sergal

Youtube Influencer coverage

Press Campaign

We orchestrated a press campaign to promote Conscript’s Kickstarter campaign with several key moments: The campaign launch, the demo update including easter eggs and an announcement of the campaign’s success.

We have secured more than 70 press clippings including several interviews and articles in leading media such as PCGamer, Bloody Disgusting, 3DJuegos, PcGamesN, EEK3,, Gamesparks, TechRaptor, Dread Central, VG247, Rely on Horror…

Conscript press coverage

Results and Highlights

Kickstarter Campaign Funding: The campaign reached 132% of the funding and gathered 778 backers for a total of 39.659 AUD (28.180 USD | 24.200 EUR).

Press: 70+ Press Clippings including 3 interviews and top media coverage: PCGamer, Bloody Disgusting, 3DJuegos, PcGamesN, EEK3,, Gamesparks, TechRaptor, Dread Central, VG247, Rely on Horror

Influence Marketing: 472,000 views (18K Likes | 1.3K comments) on Youtube for the top six content creator videos including AlphaBetaGamer, ROE and CJUGames

Community: A fantastic gathering of core fans.

Whislists: A successful launch with strong wishlist acquisition.

They speak for us

Sparks Forge has been instrumental in the planning and execution of the Conscript Kickstarter campaign. Without them, it would have been impossible to manage this campaign by myself.

Marketing is often the last thing on our minds as developers, so it’s okay to reach out for help! Sparks Forge offers essential marketing services, and I would highly recommend working with them if you need assistance in the marketing department.

Jordan ‘JD’ Mochi - Catchweight Studio