Community Management Benefits for Indie Games Developers

Community Management Benefits for Indie Game Developers

Why is Community Management so important? Why would I waste my time making posts that nobody will ever see on socials? Is building a Community really essential?

Those are frequently asked questions from game developers we work and discuss with. One of the keys to answer is Social Media Marketing and more precisely Community Management.

Because 4.62 billion people around the world now use social media, creating a community around a product is nowadays essential in a marketing plan. A strong and engaged community around your product can bring it to the attention of the world and greatly improve your sells, your product, and your relations.

Community management increases the sales of your video game

The main benefit of building a community is related to the Marketing of your game. Since customer acquisition costs rose over time, retention marketing is more important than ever. Community Management really plays a strong part in the Marketing of your game because the bigger your community, the more you will sell. So, your strategy must be centered around your community, because word of mouth recommendation is one of the main drivers to boost your game sales. The early development of an engaged community of players is also a strategic necessity in view of a Kickstarter campaign, or other leverage to finance your video game.

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Community management helps improve your game

Moreover, building a strong community around your game is worthwhile because community brings innovation. As it grows, you can ask for feedback on the current state of your game via your Discord server, Twitter, Newsletter, and many other communication channels available to you. Do not hesitate to bring together your community to help you in your journey by giving you feedback and new ideas.

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Community management boosts your game industry relationships

Finaly, Community Management is also about creating connections with other actors in the industry. The more you interact, the more you will be noticed and known. Connect with content creators, journalists and other studios, as well as game marketers. Learn from them and get great feedback, ideas and advice as you develop your game. In addition to keeping you motivated, you’ll make new friends who are as passionate as you are, and sometimes unlock business opportunities.

Let’s Get Started!

Now that you have an idea of the impact of community management and the benefits of creating your own community, all you have to do is get started! You should definitely start engaging with the caring community of independent game developers, and also contact us for transparent feedback on your video game and its marketing.

Stay tuned as we have a series of articles coming up on advanced community management tips that we use daily for our beloved game studio partners.

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